Farida Isayeva


Farida Isayeva received her Bachelor degree in piano performance and music theory at Music Conservatory, and later Baku State University in Azerbaijan. She also has a Master degree in Philology, and speaks English, Russian, Turkish, and Azeri. She has been teaching  piano and music theory for all ages and all levels since 1984. Farida worked as a piano teacher and a principal of a music school in Azerbaijan before moving to the US in 1998. Since then, she has continued to teach piano privately at various Bay Area music schools.

Farida's teaching style is creative and challenging. She plans her lessons using various teaching methods for the ultimate student progress. Her students have consistently achieved high scores in their Certificate of Merit assessments for which she prepares them as a Member of Music Teacher Association of California. Farida also encourages her students to participate in various recitals, competitions, and festivals, and many of her students have won awards.